Squid Ink products are designed to provide reliable, cost-effective inkjet ink refill and printing ink solutions for your industrial applications.

Our decision to provide Squid Ink weighed heavily on their wealth of knowledge and experience in the inkjet industry. Furthermore, we offer Squid Ink’s complete line of replacement drop-on-demand (DOD) inks, inkjet coding ink, Hi-Res inks, inkjet ink remover and cleaner, and continuous inkjet (CIJ) make-up fluids.

When it comes to ink jet printing, you can rely on Squid Ink products to offer a better solution–the right solution–with the complete line of inkjet replacement coding and marking fluids.

Squid Inks and Solvents

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Oil Based Ink SI-PZ1000-200C

Black Oil Based Ink

From $155.00
Squid Ink Solvent Based Storage Fluid SI-PZSB-200C

Solvent Based Storate Fluid

From $53.50